About A10 Networks 

A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) enables service providers, cloud providers and enterprises to ensure their 5G networks and multi-cloud applications are secure. With advanced analytics, machine learning and intelligent automation, business-critical applications are protected, reliable and always available. Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in San Jose, Calif. and serves customers in 117 countries worldwide. For more information, visit: www.a10networks.com.

Competitive features:

  • Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS).
    The open, cloud-ready OS designed for modern applications​ 
  • FlexPool Consumption-based Licensing.
    Our FlexPool capacity platform allows businesses to flexibly allocate and re-distribute capacity across applications, multiple clouds, and data centers.


Network Security Service Providers
Web Security Traffic Steering
TLS/SSL Inspection IPv4 Preservation & IPv6 Migration
DDoS Protection Rural Broadband
Cloud Access Proxy Mobile Carriers
Multi-Cloud 5G Security & Scale
Load Balancing Mobile Roaming Security
Global Server Load Balancing Mobile Carrier Security
Application Analytics Other
Public Cloud Higher Education
Private Cloud  

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