Up to 20% Discount on select Intel Xeon Gen4 (Sapphire Papids) CPUs

CPU SKU to Support: 8452Y, 6430, 8468, 8462Y+, 6442Y, 6426Y, 5420+
Server SKUs: All X13 DP and UP systems 
System Requirements: SMC Complete System only

6430 2P 32C 2.1G 270W 60MB E5 7yr

6426Y 2P 16C 2.5G 185W 37.5MB 7yr

5420+ 2P 28C 2.0G 205W 52.5MB S3 7yr

Benefit: 557 $

Benefit: 397 $

Benefit: 285 $


Period:1/23/2023 to 12/31/2023 (Shipment completion date) 
 Cannot be combined with any other discount program.

UP Cloud DC

UP server that supports 16 DIMMs and Superset OCP 3.0 AIOM slots. Can host 2x double-width GPU in 2U.

 SYS-111C-NR SYS-521C-NR

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Best-selling Platform. Wide I/O capability with top-loading expansion slots. Able to support double-width GPU. 

 SYS-111E-WR SYS-511E-WR SYS-512E-WR

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